Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer of 2008

Alarm rings.. I wake up. See everybody sleeping peacefully. DAMN this internship.
I remember Ray’s words: “If there is anything at all you will learn from this internship, It will teach you how to get up at 7am.” And I start yet another day, with his name.

Alarm Snoozes, I am reminded of Ronnie’s angry face. Oh, I have to call him. Gotta, call before 6 else I will get charged.
Tring Tring.
‘Ya Sneha, Tell me.
(As If I call him to say, I love you.) Get up ass. Don’t go back to sleep.
‘Ya, what only baap, See you in sometime.’
Get up. Rush the bathroom. The best path of getting up early is finding the bathroom empty. Brush Brush, Flush Flush.

(I was supposed to reach the parking lot.)
Puneet calls: Are u ready??
Me: Yes, I am. Tell me whenever you are done, I will be there.
Reality: Just out of the bathroom, Still in the towel.
Hurry up.
Damn, I should have ironed the shirt at night.
Damn, I don’t fit in these pants any more. I should go to the gym. I will go to the Gym.
Have to pack lunch, eat breakfast.
Damn, there is nothing to eat. Crib Crib.

Deepti’s up. Morning, Can I use the bathroom, are you done? Yaa, whatever, have a nice day, whatever. BYE!
Run Run.
Damn, I hate these shoes.
Reach the Parking lot. DESERTED. Nobody there. Weren’t we supposed to leave at 6?? Call Call. ‘Coming Coming, 2 mins.’

We leave.
Somebody: ‘Sneha, change the station. Put 92.3’
Ronak: ‘What crap is this, Move, I’ll change.’ Car Swirls.
Me: ‘RONAK, You Drive, I will change bhaaa’…Murmur…’Like anybody is listening anyway?’
Ronak: ‘Somebody tell, which way?’
‘No no.. Take left’
‘Go Straight damn. Don’t you have direction sense?’
Car goes Haywire, HONK HONK. The driver behind starts swearing, showing fingers.
Ronnie Screams: “Bitches”, “ All four think you are driving, useless. We should buy a GPS soon. I am ordering one tonight. ”

Everybody : Bye Ateet, Have a nice day.
Ateet(aloud): Ya, Whatever.
Ateet(In his head): Beep Beep.. 8 baje ka office hota hai, itni jaldi aake kya achaar daalu? Beep Beep

Bye, Sneha
Me, wondering, looking for a perfect place to catch a nap.

We meet online.
BR: I’m so sleepy
Warren: Me too.
Gossip, Gopi, Penny, Breakfast, Pay/Pee discussions, 20/20 talks. A little bit of mail checking, a little work, some reading done here and there.

BR: I’m so sleepy
: Me too.
Pre Lunch discussions. Plans to meet. TT. Etc Etc.
Everybody Disperse.
I curse Warren, eating alone. DAMN DAMN

BR: I’m so sleepy
Warren: Me too.
Try to keep each other awake. Blah Blah

BR: I’m to sleepy
Warren: Me too.
So, When are you guys leaving?? I am getting bored. Aaj to kum se kum jaldi jaate hai yaar.
BR: Ya, We will leave early and pick you up by 5:30
Cool, Cool

Me: WTF are you???
Lilac Corolla: Coming Coming, WE GOT LOST!!

Puneet: Tu Dorito nahi laaya??
Ateet: Beep Beep
Puneet: Aaj tu coffee banega naa??
Ateet: Beep Beep

Bye guys, See you tomorrow.

Hit the Sack.


ZZZZzzzzzzzz again.

So what did I do today??


Happy Summer !!