Sunday, June 1, 2008


"Ae kaku... Tell your Mom I will drop you home by 9." As always, I will reach home late, much after 9 of course. But I always remember you trying to convince and patao my mom a lil more. It has been 10 years since I've known you and there has not been one day, that I have not thought about you. From being my childhood crush, to this awesome friends that we are, we have come a really long way. I have told you everything, whether it was my dental history or my crushes. Right from the lil phone talks we have had, to the trips to COEP, Regatta to the last day, when I was India when we went shopping for my suit, I've enjoyed your company. I miss hanging out with you. I miss the stupid jokes you crack. I miss riding behind your bike (19 mins from COEP to home!!). I miss how you could always cheer me up. How you would always try to show, you were taller than me, and me fatter than you. :P From the Garfield to Shruti Gupta, we have had all the fun. And now, You have become my mom too. Sometimes, I wonder are you genuinely this sweet??

Being so far away, I don't want things to change. No matter whether I am with a "mallu" or not, you will always hold that special place. People come and go, but our friendship is forever. I hope you understand.

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