Saturday, June 28, 2008

Reality check

Beep Beep
1 message received.
"c u @ suraj in 10mins"
"K.. :)"

'Mom, I'm going to Sapna's house. Will be back by 9'

Create Message.
'Am telling mom, I'm at your place. Please cover up. One last time.'
Send Swapna.


Tie Scraf, the puneri style. Run up again, One last look in the mirror.
Start my Dio. And on Mumbai Pune highway. The 2 min ride spoils my hair.
I stop 500 ft. from Suraj, check my hair again. Ok clear. Get rid of the scarf.
I see a car in front. I see someone sitting in the driver's seat, adjusting the AC, fidgeting with the music.
I park right next to it. Lock my dio, check my self one last time in the mirror.
Go to the car, open the door.

Daya says," Hurry up, I'm already late.The test is scheduled at 2"
I said, "Hmm.."

Reality checks, you need them.

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