Monday, May 26, 2008

Perfect to the Tee

I'm so glad to have found you. You are the best friend anyone could ask for.I think I have known you the longest. 15 years is not a joke, but the last 4 years, it was great to get to know you from close. You are such an example of Perfect son, Perfect friend, Perfect brother, I can't stop going gaga over you.

You are someone who is too good to be true. I do not believe that such a person exist. I always think that there should be something bad, something wrong to you. Nothing is perfect you see. But you, you have proved me wrong. There has never been a single time in the past few years, that you have let me or anyone for that matter down, leave aside hurting someone.

I must say, I am amazed at your sheer brilliance and presence of mind. I simply adore you for the person you are. It is not just your piety or reverence that I'm in awe of, but also the perfection you achieve as a friend. I can't thank you enough for all the times you have helped me. You still listen to me crib, still tolerate my non sense and still help me, hatch silly plots to get what I want. Damn, I miss you. You will always hold this special place in my life and I will always be so proud to call you my Friend. My Friend, Rohaaaaaaannnnn

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