Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beshest phriend..

..the late night katta talks..
..the elaborate phone discussions..
..the tension-relieving..
..the me-never-liking-your-taste..
..the me-teasing-you..
..the falling in love at the same time..

..the bitching..
..the uncontrollable laughter..

..the trips to Bhel chowk..
..the discussing boyfriends..
..the discussing colony politics..
..the raping-each-other's-wardrobe ..
..the me-not-liking-your-guy..
..the watching secret movies together..
..the getting grossed out together..
..the you not telling me stuff I'm not supposed to know..
..the me hiding from others that I already know stuff that I'm not supposed to know..
..the listening to songs..

..the us-looking-for-the-perfect-earrings for you..
..the you having late evening baths that I hate..
..the getting late everywhere..
..the photo sessions..
..the me-loosing weight-and-you-gaining-weight-attempts..
..the cribbing..
..the you waking me up early in the morning..
..the deciding what to wear for parties..

..the birthday gifts..
..the you not using vowels and me failing to understand what you message..
..the night outs..
..the shopping sprees..
..the me-scolding-you about using the comp uter..
..the chocolate cake on your birthdays..
..the watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. together..
..the your Dio never having fuel more than E..
..the me using you as excuse for getting out..
..the joke sharing..
..the love for each other..
..the care..
..the being proud of each other..
..the complaints..
..the fights..

..the conclusions..

..the being there for each other..
..the missing each other..
..the everlasting bond..

Acknowledgments: Vaidehi Kulkarni

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