Monday, May 26, 2008

Mad Cow..

I am sorry for being a B****. I am sorry for making you go through something you do not deserve. I am sorry for breaking your heart. It is my fault, I wasn't clear of what I wanted, and you know that Candy, that every kid wants, when it was so close, how I could not resist? No matter what I say or do, I will still be your culprit. I wish you could forgive sometime.

But I have to say, I need you. I need as a friend, to be around, to comfort me.
To give me that hug, when I need it the most.
To boost my confidence, to say that I am the best.
To listen to me grumble grumble, to catch me when I go tripty tripty.
To yell at someone, when I am mad, to go for a walk, when I'm lazy to get outta home.
To listen to me, when I have to crib about everything in the world .
To tell me that I'm looking good, and NOT FAT.
To me ping first thing in the morning and say, MAD COW!
To share the top secrets and latest gossips that I am forbidden from telling anybody else.
To just know, I have someone to fall back on!

I need you dearest, I hope you understand.
Please forgive me for whatever happened! But I really hope things don't change.

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