Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wishing Well

This one is for you Chints, for telling me I should write.

If you look at any water fountain/pond/stagnant water body of any kind in US, I'll bet there will atleast $20 at the floor of the pond. I was passing by the Temple Lobby in Ceasar's place. His herculean statue stood there, and a few minions stood there posing for pictures. Right below was some water flowing by. We did some estimates and calculated, and figured, there were coins approximately worth $200 at the floor, enough for us to gamble all night. There were approx, 2000 coins out there. 2000 people who crossed that skywalk wished for something that day. I wondered at their folly, at their lil superstitions. I walked away.

Just some 20 steps ahead, I saw another fountain and lots more coins. I couldn't help it. I succumbed to temptation. I put my hand in the bag, and got a quarter. I wished for something, kissed the coin and swung it over. He saw me do that, gave a smile, and threw another coin. We started walking away. I slowed down, put my hand in the bag again, grabbed all the coins, my fist could get. (I had just won lots in the slot machine an hour ago.) I made sure he wasn't looking, and threw them in the water. He heard the crackle of the coins, and turned back, asked what I wished for. "Hot Chocolate with whipped cream", I exclaimed. We went to Dunkin' and had the best Hot chocolate ever! What if I actually told him what I really wished for?

PS: This is purely Fictional.


  1. missed it..!!! aah.... :P .....well i was juss pulling ur leg....nicely written...i knew u will write something like that n that is y i wanted u to write it again....

    Thank u for including me in ur :P

  2. when u said succumbed to temptation, i thought you were going to grab the coins from the fountain itself!! :p