Friday, October 31, 2008

He is an American. He is young. He is very ambitious. He is hardworking. He is very deserving. He is very Smart, smarter than most others of his age. He might be better than most of us. But, he is in trouble. He doesn't have a job.

I meet him in every Career fair, every Info Session, before most of my interviews. We wish each other good luck. And I would not say this, If I did not mean it, but I really hoped he got the job.
I bumped into him again yesterday. He said, You're here again. Please don't take my job. Damn I'm scared of you guys. All you guys are grads. I'm underqualified.
He said, I interviewed with DB. He said it was some Indian interviewer. I knew it was Sesh. He said, it went well. Wonder why I got reject. I felt sorry.
He said, "I want to work in NY. I don't want to go anywhere else. I am graduating in May. I need a job. My mom says don't worry. But, I really need this. And with this economy, Sigh! Well, if the economy does not improve in the next few years, people won't have money to go to college. So nobody will have a degree, and then maybe I will be better qualified, and hope to find a job. I can't wait so long though. "

I said something. Tried to give him some reassurance. He just then heard from BlackStone. He got rejected. Nothing that I said, could help him. I left.

He was leaving, he came to my desk. Said Bye, said good luck for Bloomberg! Told how he always wanted to work for them. How he applied for internship, got rejected. Full time, no luck! He told me to make most of it. Wished me for DB. Told me not worry and gave me confidence.

He left. Later, sends me a message, wishing good luck again, and tells me to not hurt myself again!

I felt helpless. Can I do something?

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